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  • The Sound of Rain Without Water by Charles Grosel

    Exciting news. After some 40 years of scribbling and typing, my first poetry chapbook is coming out with Finishing Line Press: The Sound of Rain Without Water, shipping December 4, 2020. To determine the press run, Finishing Line has opened the book to pre-orders beginning, well, now. If you have a mind to, you can […]

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  • New Poem Out!

    The Tipton Poetry Journal just published my poem, “Ode to Billy Collins,” in its Fall 2018 edition. Thanks to the Editors Barry Harris and Natalie McCann for giving “Billy” a home. The poem is only a slightly tongue-in-cheek homage to one of my favorite poets, whose plain-spoken verse both belies and underscores the wit and intelligence […]

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  • Fall 2018 Announcement

    In the past two years, I have had the honor and privilege of working with two inspirational women as an editor and ghostwriter. Not only did they trust me to help tell their stories in a book, they inspired me to see things differently—to be more open to experience and more present in my own […]

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