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Has anyone ever told you, after a gripping conversation, “Hey, you should write a book”? Or maybe you have always had a dream to write your own book “someday,” but you’ve put it off because, well, “I don’t have the time, and, besides, I’m not that good a writer.”

You don’t have to exile your dream to the land of regrets. You can write your book, whether it’s the inspirational story of your life, a family history, a how-to based on your expertise, or that sci-fi or historical novel.

Charles Grosel of Write for Success will help you do it.

Charles is an experienced ghostwriter and editor who translates the book in your head onto the written page. Whether working from in-depth interviews, outlines, or initial drafts, Charles is particularly skilled at capturing your voice and shaping the material to achieve your vision in the form of the book you always knew you had in you.

In business, a book is the new business card. Write a book and you’re the expert in the field.

Personally, writing a book can inspire others or record your history for posterity.

Let Charles help you tell your story to the world or become the expert in your field. Write your book today.


Fear Not, Angels Are Summoned: How One Woman Overcame Unimaginable Suffering to Live a Life of Joy by Kim L. Shipe

Luck Follows the Brave: From Refugee Camps, Abuse, and Suicide Loss to Living the Dream by Aida Sibic

Walking Through Pain to Purpose: Turning Trauma Into Triumph by Lynn Balter

Grab the Helm by Dr. Robert T. Sicora

Divorce Financial Planning: Building a Successful Niche by Nancy Hetrick

Detox Your Circle, Activate Your Destiny: 13 Toxic Elements to Cleanse From Your Life by Ernest Sears Jr.

Uncertain Grace: One Couple’s Journey Through Cancer  by Dr. Melanie Dunlap

The Night of Five Questions: One Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Journey to True Faith, Miracles, and Magic by KaRin SuCase

Single After All These Years by Betsy Kurasch


Divorce Financial Planning by Delvy

Flashback: A Young Man’s Search for Truth About the Kent State Shootings by Daryl Hall

Granny, Did You Know? Things I Learned From My Furry Grandchildren by L L Shaird

Soldier On by Jim A. Sesnak

Invisible Handcuffs: Business Fetish Run Amok by Brian Sroub

The Second Curve by Ian Morrison

Future Tense: The Business Realities of the Next Ten Years by J. Ian Morrison and Gregory Schmid