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Structure for Success

Write for Success partners with Structure for Success, an HR, Business Development, and Communications consulting firm. By combining human resource functions, business development, and internal and external communications, Structure for Success offers an integrated approach to growing businesses. The firm’s goal is to help free up business owners from those time-consuming tasks that keep them from achieving their business passion.

Structure for Success provides the tools, techniques, focus, wisdom, and knowledge to help business owners structure business and life for success.

Structure for Success will relieve you of the day-to-day HR and Communications tasks of your business so you can spend more time on what you really want to do in business and in life.

An HR consultant and executive leadership coach, Wendy McClellan is the founder and CEO of Structure for Success, a Scottsdale-based business development firm. With more than 25 years’ experience in executive leadership, Wendy’s forte is building businesses from the ground up and training leaders to be effective, ethical, and accountable. She believes strong relationships and effective communication are the keys to success, and regularly speaks on communication, personal empowerment, Human Resources, and business development.